Each project must be built on solid ground. This is why it’s necessary to perform a precise initial analysis which we’ll be happy to prepare with your help. Don’t worry – nobody wants you to develop an extensive project documentation in the style of architecture proposals. However, we can’t do a good job without a proper assignment.

Symphony questions

To what purpose are you creating the web? Do you wish to sell products, or services? Who do you want to approach – the young, single people, or workers? Would you like to overtake your competitors? How do you plan on achieving that? What do you intend to tell your visitors, how do you want to tell them this, and how will they learn about your web in the first place? To familiarise ourselves with your needs and goals and come to know them in detail, we’ve prepared a series of simple symphony questions for you.

If you wonder what use all of this is to us, then know that there’s a huge difference between a personal and company web presentation, or between selling services and products. By answering these questions, you lend a helping hand not only to us with regards to creating your project, but mainly to yourselves – you’ll gain a better understanding of the direction you want your project to go, and of what you want to achieve.